Location and Surroundings

Anse Royale is one of the largest and most beautiful bays on the island of Mahe.

Numerous beautiful large beaches and secluded coves for every taste can be found within walking distance of your door at Healing Islands Chalets. A typical day can include activities like snorkelling, swimming, diving, collecting shells and enjoying the ocean. Or simply relax in the beautiful surroundings of your chalet and gardens. The many national parks and nature reserves on Mahe invite you to experience the vibrant fauna and flora of the Seychelles Islands. Small shops, restaurants and cafes, banks and Anse Royale village centre can be reached in 5 to 15 minutes’ easy and flat walking. The famous “Jardin du Roi”, a beautiful spice garden with cafe is close by. We are happy to share with you our “locals tips” concerning the most beautiful snorkeling spots, the safest beaches for children and the best dive trips. If you would like to book a tour on a glassbottom boat or hire a rental car.

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The Seychelles

Magnificent forests, fine white sandy beaches, imposing ancient granite boulders and crystal-clear, warm turquoise seas – this is Seychelles. The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 tropical islands stretching from 4 to 11 degrees south of the Equator, around 1000km off the east coast of Africa in the Western Indian Ocean.

41 of the 115 islands are some of the oldest mid-ocean granitic islands in the world, formed more than 40 million years ago. Coral quays, atolls and reefs make up the remaining 74, many of them uninhabited. Humans arrived only recently, settling in 1770. This has resulted in the continuing presence of many unique and endemic plants, animals and birds, and an abundant biodiversity of marine life. The climate in Seychelles is idyllic – the inner islands lie outside the cyclone belt, and the temperature ranges between 24 – 34 degrees Celcius all year-round.