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Heal the Ocean Logo

We are in awe of Mother Earth and Nature.
We are in awe of the Ocean and its creatures.
We express our love for everything that surrounds us by creating beauty.


Heal the Ocean transports the spirit of the Ocean to you.
A tiny bit of the Ocean’s spirit to carry with you.

Can you hear the sound of the waves?
Can you feel the vast abyss of the ocean, the realm of whales, dolphins and turtles?
Can you see the light shimmering in rainbows through the
moving water?


While we print, sew and create, we are in bliss with Mother Earth and the Ocean.
This bliss flows into our creations and … straight to you.

At Heal the Ocean, we believe that life is a cycle and we know that all life is interconnected. We carry collective responsibility.

Therefore it is a joy for us to share.

We donate a percentage of our earnings to an ocean conservation project in our home, in Seychelles.

If we inspire you to help »Heal the Ocean« through our work,
we have fulfilled our vision.

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